Welcome to Wisewood Methodist Church

Wisewood Methodist Church has a regular congregation of around 100 every Sunday.

Everyone is welcome to services at Wisewood every Sunday morning 10.30am-11.45am with Junior Church and crèche, followed by tea and coffee afterwards, there is also an evening service 6.15pm-7.30pm. We have a number of regular groups and activities as well as a full annual calendar of events.

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Nick John Waterfield

How big is Wisewood

Katie Leonowicz

Unfortunately not that big! Our capacity is 200.

Becca Byde


These are most of the small group activities starting up in October. You can use these events to invite your friends to come along as well!

Fiona Walton

More than 1000 prayer spaces have been hosted in schools since we kicked off (accidentally, of course) in 2008… primary and secondary schools, state schools and church schools, schools in at least 14 different countries. We estimate that between 300,000 and 400,000 students (plus staff and parents) have participated in these prayer spaces, with many of them praying for the very first time in their lives. The stories and feedback we receive every week are breath-taking and heart-breaking, sometimes all at once.

We use these Development Days to pause and reflect for a moment, to invite input from clever people and experienced practitioners (have a look at the info page for the line-up), to open up some important developmental themes, and to make a bunch of new friends. The feedback from our previous days has been outstanding, and these two events in October are shaping up very well.

Will be a great day! Highly recommended. I'm going on 13 October to York

Nick John Waterfield

Look at the fruits of your labours ....

Nick John Waterfield

Looking forward to joining you all for Palm Sunday worship tomorrow - our theme will be "Two Parades - which will YOU choose?" and look at the choices that we are asked to consider in the story of Holy Week.

Nick John Waterfield

Loving the handmade - homemade palm cross