Notices 5th March

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Morning Service


1st Sunday of Lent

led by Meredith Evans

incl. Junior Church & Crèche

Evening Service



led by David Humphreys

'Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.'

Romans 12 v.21

The new year for the offertory Envelope Scheme begins in April and new envelopes are being distributed during March. Many thanks to all members of the scheme, which ensures a regular income for the church. If you are not a member and would like details with a view to joining, please see Helen Morris. Confidentiality is always assured. This is also a time when we should prayerfully consider if our giving is keeping up with the church's needs. Thank you.

The Pastoral Committee will meet on Tuesday 21st March, at 7:30pm in the Owlerton Room.

The Prayer Corner (in the entrance hall) is undergoing changes... New theme: Lent.

This year's Gift Day Service has been arranged for Sunday 19th March, when personal and departmental gifts will be received during the morning service. Gift envelopes are included with the new issue of the church magazine which is now available. If you are a member of the Envelope Scheme, please write your number on the Gift Day envelope for Gift Aiding.

Many thanks to all who joined me last Saturday to mark my joining the Octogenarian Club. Particular thanks for your donations allowing me to send £140 each to SCOPE and the R.N.I.B. Also a special thank you to Pat and Sue who organised it and produced the refreshments. Trevor.

Prayer Group Report

As the Prayer group did not meet over the weekend, a few of us met for prayer last Monday morning.

We considered the world situation, which seems very disturbing and in some areas out of control.

In America the ideas of the new leadership seem very outlandish and divisive. We prayed that there will be a willingness by the president to listen to the voice of others to reduce the potential for unrest.

In Syria there are millions of people whose lives have been destroyed. We prayed for those struggling to survive in the country despite the dangers of on-going hostilities and also for the many thousands who fled and are now confined to refugee camps.

In Iraq a battle is raging over Mosul between government forces and Isis. We prayed for the desperate inhabitants. They have suffered much under Isis domination in recent months and are now in the midst of this fierce battle.

Famine has been declared in Sudan and there is unrest in many areas of Africa.

We prayed for the work of aid agencies and those who spread God's Word in difficult situations.

We gave thanks for all the blessings we enjoy and prayed for those less fortunate: those in constant pain, struggling with terminal illness, in residential care, suffering mental problems etc... and for the recently bereaved.

May we always be kind, thoughtful and generous to those in need.